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Installation Feature

Let us showcase and promote your GS World installations with feature articles on our website. Turn your sales into thrilling design exposés to inspire new business.

GS World is developing some of the most exciting and modern outdoor architecture. Our awnings really do provide a unique outdoor life. We are always on the lookout for new promotional opportunities, and understand that our agents need exposure too.

Send us images of your customer’s GS World installations, along with testimonials or success stories, and we will publish them online for the world to see. With separate residential and commercial sections, we make sure the right people see the material.

When collating your story, we recommend you include:

– 300 words outlining the project
– Minimum of one high resolution image of the installation
– Express the purpose of the fitting and how the customer’s needs were met

As part of any write up, we highlight the seller or agent by providing acknowledgment of their work on the install, and their contact details for future clients. This is a great chance to gain extra attention online, and to associate with a growing prestige brand in Australia.

Send all content through to GS World – info@gsworld.com.au